Graphics Installation

Correct installation of you graphics is vital to ensure you get the best results from our product.

First, you will need to prepare your plastics/surfaces for your graphics to adhere properly. Remove any old graphics/stickers from the plastics/surfaces and ensure that they are entirely clean. Applying heat to old graphics or stickers will soften the adhesive and will make the removal process easier. All surfaces, especially brand new plastics, need to be wiped and cleaned using an appropriate adhesive removing solvent - We recommend that you use SK Designs Surface Prep Solution (available via as it is the most effective way to remove adhesive and wax residue from plastics. If you do not have SK Designs Surface Prep you can use methylated spirits or a contact cleaner. Allow surfaces to air dry before installing your new graphics.

Take your time when installing your new graphics, as rushing the process will increase the likelihood of making mistakes.

Carefully align the graphic decal with the corresponding plastic piece. Begin to peel some of the backing paper off of a small section of the graphic decal and stick it to the plastics surface. Gradually remove more of the backing paper as you proceed to install the graphic decal, ensuring correct alignment with the plastic. If you find that the decal is starting to ripple, or you need to bend/stretch the graphic to conform to the shape of the plastic, use a hair dryer or heat gun to make the decal more pliable. Do not over heat the graphics material though, only a small amount of heat is required. Once all of the graphic decals have been installed correctly, it is recommended that you heat all the newly installed decals on the bike to securely set the graphics adhesive to the plastics.

Check your graphics the next day and apply heat on any areas that may have lifted overnight and press them back down, repeat this process for any areas that continue to lift - they will stay down after a few tries.

LEAVE THE NEWLY INSTALLED GRAPHICS ON THE BIKE FOR UP TO 72 HOURS AFTER INSTALLATION BEFORE RIDING THE BIKE. To ensure you get the most out of your graphics decals the adhesive needs this time to set properly. Riding sooner will reduce the life span of your graphics.

If you are unsure about any part of the installation process and require further information, we recommend that you consult one of the many graphics installation tutorial videos available online.