Jersey Print Installation

Correct installation of your jersey prints is vital to ensure you get the best results from our product. We cannot offer any guarantee for jersey prints installed by our customers.

Please read these instructions through carefully, before beginning the install, so you understand the full process clearly.

Ensure your jerseys are clean and dry before installing the prints. Even with brand new jerseys, it is important to first wash them before putting prints on. Brand new jerseys often bleed a lot of excess ink during the first wash, which can then damage your new prints, if not washed out before install.

1. Lay your jersey flat. It can help to put a piece of cardboard inside the jersey to help hold it flat during install.

2. With the jersey print laid on a bench facing down, peel back and remove the reverse translucent layer from the jersey print, ensuring the print itself stays stuck to the front clear transfer layer. Make this process easier, by initially peeling it back slowly, to get a good hold of the corner, and then pulling in short sharp intervals until completely removed.

3. Position the jersey print on the jersey as desired. The clear transfer layer is somewhat sticky, to help the print stay in place during heating - However it is not extremely sticky, so you can easily peel the print back and reposition it before heating, if you find your first placement is not as desired.

4. Heat the print with a heat press or household iron, at 130-150C degrees (265-300F), for around 20 seconds, with Medium pressure (3-4 bar). Try and heat it consistently.

5. Whilst the print is still warm, smoothly and slowly peel off the clear transfer layer, to expose the print, which will now be stuck to the jersey. If you find the print is not yet stuck to the jersey, lay the transfer back down and again reheat further.

6. Once the clear transfer layer is completely removed, lay some baking paper over the print, and again heat it for another 10-15 seconds. This will ensure the print stays down strong. 

NOTE: Applying heat from an iron, directly to a jersey or to the print, may cause the print and jersey to melt. That is why you must place a layer in between, such as baking paper.

If you find that your jersey print begins lifting or peeling up at any point, simply re-cover the print with baking paper, and reheat/press it as listed above. The material becomes sticky when exposed to high heat, so even after months or washing and riding, reheating it will allow it to re-stick to the jersey as needed.

You may also find your jersey print becomes crinkled during washing - You can fix this by also re-heating with baking paper.

Do not dry clean jersey with prints applied. Machine wash cold/warm only (not hot), with only mild detergents. Turn inside out to wash also, to avoid zippers/buttons from other garments scratching the print. Hang to dry, do not tumble dry.

If you are unsure about any part of the installation process, we recommend sourcing further guidance from one of the many third-party tutorial videos online.