Laminate Options

All SKDA MX Graphics are laminated with the most durable material available on the market today. After the graphics are printed, a thick clear 'laminate' layer is added over the top of the print. This is to ensure your graphics stay fresh and are protected from damage and the elements.

With different styles of laminate available, please check out the below examples to confirm the style you feel will best suit your kit.


This is our most popular option and the go-to 'shiny' laminate for all our Race Team/Pro Rider Replica graphics kits.
We recommend you use this glass-like Gloss Laminate on graphics with color rich designs. The colors will stand out more vibrantly and catch more attention.



Matte Laminate is made with the same properties of our Gloss Laminate, but showcases a more elegant, sophisticated finish. The ’velvety’ texture also makes reading the print much easier.
Dark and moody colored designs will give you the best-looking results with this option. Matte Laminate offers a more neutral and natural look to your graphics.



Take your graphics into space with this Cosmic Laminate option. Similar to the Gloss Laminate, but with added embedded metallic flakes in the film.
Be different with this eye-catching multicolour Cosmic Laminate. This option can be applied onto any graphics style on our website.


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